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AccelPro is formed due to the need of the day for faster application access without compromising on security of the networks. SSL VPN’s came into the market to address the emerging need of Secure Remote Access with ease, but due to the fundamental flaw in their design and approach injected unwanted performance degradation. This unacceptable performance degradation in the existing SSL VPN’s stopped the growth of SSL VPN as a technology in the market. SSL VPN was a more superior technology than IPSec VPN and having lots of advantages like Client Less Access, Can virtually bypass any firewall, provides all applications access on a single port (443), Granular Access Control till the application layer, easy to manage, Zero support calls, auto updating clients and many more. But due to performance degradation it could not scale up as a default industry standard in spite of all those advantages. While in the case of AccelPro, having Core SSL Engine, HPAA and Optimized Compression which results in ultra high performance, along with all the benefits of SSL VPN, makes AccelPro the Next Generation VPN.

AccelPro is founded and managed by some of the key fundamental professionals, who are well instrumental in Application delivery mechanism and Secure Remote Access solutions. The dynamic team of AccelPro consists of industry veterans including one of the early IITians to core fundamental TCP/IP experts who have lot of technology patents to the vast experienced Sales experts who understand the need of the customers and have successfully created and build many start ups product companies into the Network and Information Security domain.

AccelPro is a fast growing company into Secure Remote Access Solutions with innovative approach, Headquartered in New Delhi, India,  which is transforming better technology ideas into business growth and better economies while addressing much needed requirement for faster secure remote access solution. AccelPro delivers Next Generation of SSL VPN solution which has revolutionized mobility VPN market.

For more info please mail to info@accelpro.net

What say our clients?

AccelPro is a true Next Generation VPN product and best suited for ISP environments, we are very excited about this technology, we have tested AccelPro in our live environment and launched our SSL VPN based MPLS service on AccelPro platform.

Manish Tripathi, Product Manager, Tulip Telecom