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AccelPro APG-5600 Appliance
AccelPro’s Next Generation products provide Secure Remote Access and End to End security along with the best performance which is lacking in all other conventional SSL VPN’s in the market today. Today’s Remote Access Solutions are designed and developed on legacy technologies which results in poor performance. AccelPro SSL VPN platforms are powered with revolutionary Hybrid Performance Acceleration Architecture technology which boosts the performance up-to 30 times. AccelPro Next Generation VPN appliances provides End to End security along with WAN Acceleration solution inbuilt which provides LAN like user experience over broad-band. APG-5600 Appliance is meant for large Enterprises or ISP environments. This Appliance provides high scalability, can handle upto 10,000 concurrent users. It supports Virtualization. Multiple dedicated Virtual SSL VPN Appliances can be created on single hardware.

APG5600 Appliances are the only, most powerful, yet energy saving SSL VPN hardwares available globally. Providing SSL VPN throughput of2Gbps on a single hardware. APG5600 is designed to handle upto 10,000 Concurrent Users at any point of time. APG5600 platforms support Virtual Environments like VMware or Citrix Xen or Microsoft. Hundreds of Virtual Machines can be created on each hardware instantly and each Virtual Machine can be configured as a dedicated, separate SSL VPN gateway, delivering only such solution by any SSL VPN vendor worldwide.For more information on AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN offering, please ask for a separate document from your local AccelPro Representative. APG5600 Appliances supports High Availability Active – Passive Cluster for Failover along with Client HA. Innovative HPAATM technology, enables these platforms as industry leading solution, eliminating performance degrading flaw in legacy SSL VPN solutions, which kept them as SMB solution.

Features & Benefits


Product Name AccelPro APG-5600
SSL VPN Throughput 2 Gbps
Max Concurrent Users 10000
Max Logins Per Second 3200
Max SSL Transactions Per Second 24000
Latency <10ms
Firewall Statefull Packet Inspection
High Availability Active-Active, Active-Passive
SSL Site To Site VPN Supported
Chassis 1U, Rack Mountable
Weight 6.4 Kg
Dimensions 17.2” x 1.7” x 22”
Hard Drive 1 TB Fixed
Power 350 Watts Redundant

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AccelPro is a true Next Generation VPN product and best suited for ISP environments, we are very excited about this technology, we have tested AccelPro in our live environment and launched our SSL VPN based MPLS service on AccelPro platform.

Manish Tripathi, Product Manager, Tulip Telecom