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AccelPro CAG-7400 Appliance
AccelPro’s Next Generation products provide Secure Remote Access and End to End security along with the best performance which is lacking in all other conventional SSL VPN’s in the market today. Todays Remote Access Solutions are designed and developed on legacy technologies which results in poor performance. AccelPro CAG platforms are powered with revolutionary Hybrid Performance Acceleration Architecture technology which boosts the performance up-to 30 times. AccelPro Next Generation CloudSecureGateways provides End to End security along with WAN Acceleration solution inbuilt which provides LAN like user experience over broad-band.CAG7400 Appliance is meant for Service Providers or ISP environments for launching Scalable Managed VPN Service using VMware Virtualization Platforms. This Appliance provides very high scalability, can handle up to30,000 concurrent users on single hardware. 300 independent Virtual Machines can be created on this single hardware with 100 CCU catering to single VPN Gateway.

CAG7400 Appliances are the only VMware ready platforms, most powerful, yet energy saving Secure Cloud AccessHardwares available globally. Providing industry leading SSL VPN throughput up to6Gbps on a single hardware, making them leading Cloud Access hardware solutions with SSL VPN in core, in the world. CAG7400 can handle up to30,000 Concurrent Users at any point of time, VMware Virtual platforms are preinstalled in those Hardwares, resulting Hundreds of Virtual Machines can be created on each hardware instantly and each Virtual Machine can be configured as a dedicated, separate SSL VPN gateway, delivering only such solution by any SSL VPN vendor worldwide. This unique capability of these devices, enable Service Providers to launch Managed VPN Service with separate Virtual SSL VPN machines for each client, providing dedicated Admin Controls and separate reporting for each customer. For more information on AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN offering, please ask for a separate document from your local AccelPro Representative.CAG7400 Appliances supports High Availability Active – Passive Cluster for Failover along with Client HA. Multiple SSL VPN Machines can be load balanced on per CPU or number of Concurrent Users delivering highest scalability. Innovative HPAATM technology, enables these platforms as industry leading solution, eliminating performance degrading flaw in legacy SSL VPN solutions, which kept them as SMB solution.

Core Architecture

AccelPro CloudSecure Access Gateways are designed and developed to take high load and scalability which is required for ISP environments.

AccelPro CAG Gateways come with VMware Virtualization Platform inbuilt. You can create 100’s of independent AccelPro SSL VPN Virtual Machines in each Gateway which can be configured independently. Licensing on each AccelPro VM is done separately and Admin Console of each VM can be provided to the respective customer providing complete data security and ease of use.

Using AccelPro CloudSecure Access Gateways, each customer can login into their own AccelPro SSL VPN Virtual Machine, hence all the Group based policies such as Granular Access Controls, Network Access, Endpoint Compliance, AD/LDAP/Radius integration for strong authentication can be achieved.

Each VM inside CAG is created with unique VLAN ID and hence easily can be mapped to its respective private LAN through MPLS Router of Layer 3 Switch.

This provides complete End to End Security and Data Privacy for each customer while access their MPLS Cloud on the Go. Using Virtualization platforms, high scalability is achieved, since using the complete resources of the hardware platform along with complete Data Privacy for each customer. AccelPro CAG Gateways provide maximum ROI to ISP because offering Fastest VPN Service to Hundreds of Customers from single hardware, saving in Rack Space, Power and Cooling inside Data Centre.

AccelPro CAG6200 Gateway is powered with HPAA technology, providing fastest VPN experience ever. Due to HPAA technology, CAG6200 Hardware can handle 20000 concurrent users without any performance degradation on any single point. AccelPro CAG6200 Appliance provide flexibility to the ISP to independently allocate concurrent user licenses for each customer. These appliances support High Availability at each VM level as well as hardware platform. Thus if active VM goes down then passive VM automatically takes over, resulting HA failover providing complete business continuity to critical applications.

MPLS Cloud Is Mobilized Users Can Access Their Own MPLS VPN From Anywhere, Anymachine& Any Internet Connection
Complete End To End Security Is Achieved With Stronger Authentication And Network Access Controls
Faster Application Access Due To HPAA, Complete Data Encryption While Accessing MPLS Cloud On The Go

Features & Benefits


Product Name AccelPro CAG7400
SSL VPN Throughput 6Gbps
Max Concurrent Users 30000
Max VM (100 CCU Avg.) 300
VM Failover Supported
Max Logins Per Second 3200
Max SSL Transactions Per Second 24000
Latency <10ms
Firewall Statefull Packet Inspection
High Availability Active-Active, Active-Passive
SSL Site To Site VPN Supported
Chassis 1U, Rack Mountable
Weight 17 Kg
Dimensions 17.2” x 1.7” x 27”
Hard Drive 2 TB Fixed
Dual Power Supply 400 Watts Redundant

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We are highly convinced with the performance of AccelPro, which has forced us to buy this for our remote users. Technology is superb.

Rajesh Sehgal, Sr. Manager-IT, Minda Industries Ltd.