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Typically, service provider have vast network setup comprising of MPLS VPN, Leased Lines and Internet Backbone. Having vast data centres and NOC setup, ISP serves multiple customers from the same backbone and connect multiple customer locations into wide area network along with their Data Centres.

Customers also avails their offering to host their applications in SP Data Centre, thus cutting lot of IT cost, at the same time achieves better connectivity and 24X7 access to the applications. AccelPro, right from its inception, solved fundamental problem in existing SSL VPN’s, delivering most performing SSL VPN Ever.

Main challenge for ISP’s is to offer highly scalable, performing SSL VPN service which could use virtualization platform and able to create multiple independent virtual SSL VPN gateways, which can be independently configured for each customer and thus providing independent reports to each customer and maintain their data privacy. VLAN tagging for each customer is very important and proving integration with their own authentication server makes solution complete.





Architecture & Key Components

AccelPro Next Generation, Virtual SSL VPN platforms fulfils the requirement of Service Provider for managed VPN service. They can host thousands of independent dedicated SSL VPN virtual machines on VMware. Each VM will act as a fully independent virtual SSL VPN gateway, and can be fully configured for independent customer.

As you can see from the above diagram, multiple dedicated AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN machines are created using VMware on AccelPro Carrier class hardware server. Now each customer will have their own dedicated hosted SSL VPN server, which can be fully configured as per their requirement. You can also choose to assign different hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, Hard Disk space for each Virtual Machine. You can put different user licenses on each Virtual SSL VPN. Also restricted or full Admin privileges can be given to customer administrator and separate reports can also be provided for each customer.

AccelPro hardware can be integrated with MPLS router or internal network of service provider data centre, thus customer can access their MPLS cloud on the go or can access their hosted applications in secured way without compromising on the performance. This solution enables Mobility VPN for end customers, where they can access their MPLS Cloud or Enterprise Applications or Network Resources from Anywhere, Any machine, Anytime.

Authentication Server
With AccelPro Next Generation products, External Authentication Server such Active Directory, LDAP or Radius can be integrated individually to each Virtual SSL VPN Machine. This feature enhances better security for the users who have MPLS Cloud with the Service Provider and have hosted their Corporate Applications in Service Provider Data Centre.

Full Network Access
With unique Full Access Client (FAM) of AccelPro SSL VPN, which is powered by HPAATM , provides unmatched End User experience, while they connect to their Virtual SSL VPN gateway and access their Private Network Resources or Applications. Client login time of less than 3 Seconds, makes user feel as he is sitting inside his LAN only. Individual customers can access their entire MPLS Cloud or Private Network separately with full Network Access. AccelPro can provide faster access up to 30 times using Full Access Mode, which also acts as WAN Accelerator Solution for faster Application Access.

Access Control Policies
Individual Access Control Policies can be defined for each Virtual SSL VPN machine. Access can be given till a particular IP in the network, host name or a particular network range can also be provided access. You can also provide access based on protocols such as Application Port, Source IP, Destination IP or Application Type. All the policies are applied on a group and multiple groups can be created in dedicated Virtual SSL VPN Machine, thus providing different Access Controls with in the same Virtual SSL VPN Machine.

Individual Reporting
Using AccelPro solution, Service Providers can provide individual reporting to their customers. Reports can be extracted as XLS sheet and sent to customers. If required Admin Access to their respective Virtual SSL VPN Machines can be provided with Restricted or Read Only Access.

High Scalability
AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN Appliances are designed and developed as a carrier class products. Depending upon the hardware configuration, solution can be scalable to take any type of load. APG-6200 AccelPro Hardware Appliance is designed to meet ISP requirements, providing up to 4 Gbps SSL VPN throughput and can handle up to 20,000 concurrent user connections at any given time, making it most performing, scalable SSL VPN hardware solution in the world.

Features Benefits
Layer 3-7 SSL VPN
  • Layer 3-7 SSL VPN connectivity, protocol supported till Application Layer.
  • Group based Granular Access Control, Role based Access.
Seamless Access
  • Access from Anywhere, Anytime and Anymachine.
  • Mobility VPN for Full Network Access with Endpoint Security.
  • Zero Support Calls, can bypass any firewall, All Applications supported on single port 443.
Endpoint Security & Compliance
  • Full Access Client, checks endpoint compliance for Windows, Linux and MAC platforms.
  • Facility Custom designed endpoint security policies.
  • Automatic NAC functionalities for 24X7 Endpoint Compliance.
Split Tunnelling/Full Tunnelling
  • Provision to configure groups and Full Access Client in Split or Full Tunnel modes.
Automated Client
  • Automatic deployments of Full Access Client setup at remote machines.
  • Web Access Mode, Thin Client and Full Access Modes.
  • Auto Updating Clients.
WAN Acceleration
  • HPAA enabled platforms, providing faster Network and Application Access.
Application HA
  • Preconfigured Client Installation Package where multiple Public IP’s can be defined so that Client reaches available public gateway automatically providing seamless 24X7 Network & Application Access.
Connectivity Options
  • Administrator can define Ideal Session Timeout to disconnect ideal users, Auto Reconnect feature to automatically connecting Client on Internet Drops for seamless user experience.
Silent Mode Operation
  • Provisioned to provide Client login silently leaving user unaware of SSL VPN connections, Endpoint Compliance and other security features.

Features & Benefits
AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN Appliances are the best available solution for securing data access to Service Provider’s Data Centres, Cloud Providers, SaaS deployments with fast and easy access.

Pay Per User Per Month
Due to dynamic economic conditions of the markets, more customers are adopting Opex models. Service Providers, Data Centre Hosting solution providers can launch fast, cost effective, easy to use Pay Per User Per Month type of services successfully on AccelPro platforms providing better return on investment.

AccelPro Mobility Support
AccelPro delivers Secure Access Solutions to all type of Mobile devices such as smart phone (iOS, Android and Windows Phones). Any user who would like to access any applications such as Web Applications or Client Server Applications are fully supported on AccelPro platforms.

Tomorrow’s Solution Today
Users can access all type of Applications, Virtual Desktops, Network Resources, Data Bases at one single location from Any Device, Any Location, Any Internet Connection. Better performance using AccelPro solution which provides remote users LAN like experience, makes it Tomorrow’s solution Today.

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We evaluated some of the leading SSL VPN players like Array Networks, Juniper Networks along with AccelPro. After thorough evaluation we found that none of the products could match the performance of AccelPro along with complete security. We wanted to have robust, most scalable and most performing secure remote access device and AccelPro met all our requirements. We are very glad and impressed with AccelPro’s technology and performance. The technology is superb and we got best technical support from AccelPro team, which is critical for any enterprise customer

Manish Kumar Sinha, Sr. Manager - IT Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.