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Legacy SSL VPN solutions creates individual TCP sessions for individual Applications inside SSL TCP connection, which results multiple TCP sessions meltdown, resulting in connection breakdown and poor performance. Solving this fundamental drawback in existing legacy SSL VPN’s, AccelPro uses HPAATM, Patent pending technology, which provides all Applications packets inside single SSL TCP connection, resulting fastest SSL VPN ever, eliminating fundamental flaw of legacy SSL VPN’s.

Client Login Legacy SSL VPN’s take around 25-30 seconds for Full Access Client to Login, get Authenticated and get a Virtual IP, making user to wait for a significant time. Solving this problem, AccelPro unique Full Access Client, powered with HPAA technology, just takes 2-3 Seconds, resulting excellent User Experience and provides LAN like feel.

Performance Fundamental Architecture failure in Legacy VPN’s always demotivated Enterprise customers to migrate to SSL VPN solution for large deployments. Breaking those barriers, AccelPro with Innovative break through, solved this fundamental flaw with unique Patent Pending HPAATM technology, results in 30 X Performance Enhancement, resulting in Next Generations of VPN’s.

Stability Prominent problem with Legacy SSL VPN is frequent Client disconnect due to multiple TCP connections inside SSL TCP tunnel, making them unusable solution for critical Applications Access. In live tested scenarios, Legacy SSL VPN Client could last connected for 3-4 hours while in the case of AccelPro Client kept continuously connected upto 72Hours, resulting highly Stable Client Connection. Due to architectural flaw in Legacy SSL VPN, they break connection even if there is a single drop in the internet connection, while due to HPAA, AccelPro Client remain connected even if there are upto 10 continuous drops in the Internet connectivity.

Voice & Video Legacy SSL VPN fails to support Voice and Video data, while AccelPro is faster than Clear Traffic, makes it possible to support Voice and Video data without any frame delay, making them Next Generation of VPN’s.

Scalability AccelPro Platforms are the only true Carrier Class products, providing 4 Gbps of throughput, capable of taking 20000 simultaneous users on single hardware at any point due to unique HPAATM while Legacy SSL VPN’s fails drastically even to scale upto 5000 CCU.

Latency Due to unique HPAATM technology, AccelPro injects data latency less than 10 Mille Seconds as compared to 30 Mille Seconds in Legacy SSL VPN, resulting Enterprise Class product, supporting all type of Applications and Data.

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AccelPro is a true Next Generation VPN product and best suited for ISP environments, we are very excited about this technology, we have tested AccelPro in our live environment and launched our SSL VPN based MPLS service on AccelPro platform.

Manish Tripathi, Product Manager, Tulip Telecom