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AccelPro Next Generation SSL VPN Series, meet the needs of companies of all sizes. All the AccelPro SSL VPN platforms are powered with Innovative HPAATM technology, which provides 30 times faster Remote Access making AccelPro SSL VPN the Next Generation of VPN. AccelPro SSL VPN series is equipped with a unique Client Agent, which is powered with HPAATM technology, enabling 2 seconds Client Login time and able to get a Virtual Private IP from the SSL VPN Gateway within the same time, giving remote user a LAN like feel, resulting in amazing end user experience.

AccelPro, right from its inception, solved fundamental problem in existing SSL VPN’s, delivering most performing SSL VPN Ever. While other SSL VPN’s merely provides access to web applications and intranet portals, but fails to meet fast remote access to client-server applications and other network resources. The performance degradation in other SSL VPN limit them as SMB solution. While AccelPro platforms are carrier class products, providing high scalability and accelerated throughput around 30 X faster, meeting the requirements of Enterprise and ISP customers.

AccelPro range of products provide scalability starting from 50 simultaneous users to 20,000 simultaneous users on single hardware meeting needs of a small business to large Enterprise house to ISP or Service Provider. Performance and fast client login time makes AccelPro platforms unique and different from other products, addressing much needed requirement for faster remote access without compromising on the security of the networks. With unique HPAATM technology, AccelPro platforms are able to deliver throughput faster than clear traffic even after the encryption of data packets. AccelPro sells APG-700, 1400, 2800, 5600, 6200 Appliances along with advanced Virtual SSL VPN Appliance which can run on VMware.

Easy Access, Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice
Using AccelPro Next Generation Secure Remote Access solution, organization of all sizes, can provide access to their centrally hosted Applications, Network Resources from Anytime, Anywhere and Anydevice with End to End Security without compromising on performance.

High Performance
AccelPro provides unique Client Agent, supporting all Client platforms, is powered with HPAATM technology, which boost the performance upto 30 times, along with 2 Seconds Client Login time, which is unique with AccelPro, giving highly fast Access to Applications and Network Resources, resulting in LAN like user experience over broadband.

Increased User Productivity
Helping user to get securely connected with their organization network from Anywhere, Anytime and Anymachine. AccelPro solution, provides Strong Authentication, Encrypted Data Packets, Role Based Access Controls, Automatic Network Access Controls, Application Execution Controls, Endpoint Compliance and Complete User Reporting. All with the ease of creating and managing from central location and auto-updating Client Agents.

Increased Security
Delivering Granular Access Controls on the basis of Groups, providing specific Access to specific User, enabling Network Security till Layer-7.

Always Connected – Remote Access
Delivering Fast and Secure Remote Access to all types of roaming users for your Network, whether your employees are traveling and trying to Access your Network from hotel or at Airport using their Data-Card or sitting at home using broadband internet or even at large Enterprises sitting at other VLAN’s or users trying to Access your Network from a remote branch or your vendors trying to Access their vendor portals or other applications. Different type of Access is provided to different users in your Network.

More Flexibility
With AccelPro Virtual SSL VPN, which offers all the features and benefits of AccelPro Hardened Operating System, can be installed on any Virtual Environment, such as VMware or Citrix Xen, providing ultimate flexibility and ease of use to install AccelPro solution as a Software, anytime and anywhere. Solution image can be replicated to other Virtual Environment within few minutes, providing high Return on Investment using your existing Virtual Infrastructure.

Block Unwanted Access
With Endpoint Compliance Policy Engine, you can quickly and easily verify the Remote User, and validate the Endpoint Compliance as per your Corporate IT Policy, providing Dynamic Access on the basis of Endpoint Security Scan results.

Decrease Cost
Reduce deployment and support cost with centrally managed, simple deployment, auto updating Clients and Virtual Platform.

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We are highly convinced with the performance of AccelPro, which has forced us to buy this for our remote users. Technology is superb.

Rajesh Sehgal, Sr. Manager-IT, Minda Industries Ltd.