Deploy a Strong Zero Trust Strategy for Universal ZTNA

What is Contextual Multi-Factor Authentication ?

Contextual multi-factor authentication (CMFA) is a security technology that verifies the identity of a user by combining multiple factors such as something the user knows (e.g., a password), something the user has (e.g., a mobile device), and something the user is (e.g., digital user identity).

What sets CMFA apart from traditional multi-factor authentication (MFA) is that it also takes into account contextual information about the user’s environment, behaviour, and activity. This can include factors such as the location of the user, the device they are using.

AccelPro MFA combines these multiple factors with contextual information, is able to provide a more robust and secure authentication process to Business Applications On Premise or in Cloud. It can also help to prevent fraud and unauthorized access, as it can detect when a user is attempting to authenticate from an unfamiliar location or using a device that is not registered with their account.

Overall, CMFA is an important tool for your Zero Trust Security framework which enhances the security of digital systems and protecting sensitive data and information.